Eek! Entertainment is the twisted brainchild of film-maker Armando D. Munoz, a company to encompass the short horror films he has been directing since 1999. When these films are shown to an audience, people tend to “EEK!” in horror and amusement. Some have even admitted to wetting themselves.

The first Eek! Entertainment production was The Killer Krapper, filmed in late 1999 in Seattle, Washington and released in 2000. Produced by Jim Barker, the writing/directing debut of Armando D. Munoz premiered at the Seattle Underground Film Festival, and has gone on to play at film festivals internationally, winning Best of Show at the Sick Puppy Film Festival and Jury Prize at the Fearless Tales Genre Fest.

Pervula was the second Eek! Entertainment release, produced by Justin Mapes, Armando D. Munoz, and Damon Lockwood. This film also shared the Fearless Tales Jury Prize, while also winning Most Perverted Film at the Sick Puppy Film Festival, Best Screenplay at Horror Dance, and Best Practical Effects Amateur at FEAR in New Orleans.

With producers Tori and Aaron Pulkka on board, Eek! Entertainment took a big step forward with the ambitious slasher short Mime After Midnight. After its premiere at Shriekfest in Los Angeles, Mime After Midnight shared the Fearless Tales Jury Prize and garnered four nominations at Shockerfest. In addition to writing and directing, this film would be the first in which Armando would assume cinematographer duties, a position he would take on all of his films following Mime After Midnight.

In 2005, Eek! Entertainment unleashed The Terrible Old Tran, an adult retelling of H.P. Lovecraft’s short story The Terrible Old Man. On this production, Armando assumed the main producing duties. His cinematography on this short prominently featured the atmospheric outdoors and bodies of water around Seattle. In a lucky twist, the gore effects spectacular that ends the film was filmed at a secret Seattle nude beach.

The most recent Eek! Entertainment release is Panty Kill, which sees Armando again assuming producing duties. This would be the final film he shot in the Seattle area. So far, Panty Kill has garnered a nomination at the Dark Carnival Film Festival for Best Short Film.

All of the Eek! Entertainment short films continue to play at film festivals worldwide, with past screenings in Warsaw (Horror Fiesta), Buenos Aires (Rojo Sangre), Cape Town, South Africa (South African Horror Fest and The X Fest), and New York City (Newfest). An entire program of Eek! Entertainment shorts was featured at the Portland Underground Film Festival, while Pervula toured the world with the Lost Film Fest. In 2015, Pervula and The Terrible Old Tran screened at two editions of Queer Horror, a new bi-monthly screening series at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

Eek! Entertainment currently has a new film titled Knife Happy in production in Los Angeles.

Along with developing new feature film projects, including The Cutters, which was announced in issue #344 of Fangoria Magazine, Armando is now working as a horror novelist. His first novel, Hoarder, was released in late 2015, and his second novel, Turkey Day, will be released in the first half of 2016.







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