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In a coastal town, three thieves make an ill-fated journey to rob the region's legendary terrible old man. Livig alone in a decrepit house, the old man is rumored to possess exotic riches and gold acquired during a disappearance at sea nearly one century ago.

Donning animal masks and wielding knives, the malicious men penetrate the old man's overgrown property. They are quick to learn that they've been reduced a level on the food chain, as the terrible old man reveals that he's part fish, part swish, and all appetite.




Eek Entertainment wants to pay tribute to Gabriel Symon Quinn, who left us on June 14, 2015. In 2005, Gabe starred as the title character in Armando's transgressive short film The Terrible Old Tran. This cinematic collaboration followed nearly a decade of performing together in a number of fetish fashion shows for Fantasy Unltd and clubs like The Vogue and The Catwalk in Seattle, Washington. Gabe's creative characters and gender rebellion live on entertain and inspire us all.


!!! X III
The 3rd chapter
MARCH 5th, 2010

At The Labia Theatre
68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

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Thank You to Cast in Attendance:

Symon Quinn

Catherine Englehart

Chris McMullin

Brett Nugent

As Seen At :

The X Fest

FEAR In New Orleans

Backseat Film Festival

Fucking Fabulous Film Festival

Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival


This film has not been rated, but is absolutely not intended for children or the squeamish.


The Terrible Old Tran poster design by: Shane Luitjens








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